Alexis Breeze - Boarding School With Alexis Breeze (2010) SiteRip

 Alexis Breeze - Boarding School With Alexis Breeze (2010) SiteRip
Today a new student arrives to one of the most sought after boarding schools in the country. Ms. Alexis Breeze is in charge of all new students and she's good at her job. Joey Brass is the new students name. He's just turned 18 and he's in need of some shaping up or shipping out. This is the school that will do just that. As soon as he arrives he's put through rigorous examinations and checked for contraband. Alexis takes away almost everything of interest from his bag and leaves him naked making sure he has nothing hiding on his person. Once you think it's all over Ms. Breeze takes the examination a bit further and starts sucking Joes cock telling him that besides everything he'll be doing to better him self at the school he will also have to satisfy everyone of her needs as well as the schools. She makes him eat her out and it goes further than that when they start fucking right there in his new room. This one's a dream come true for any student out there who has ever had a crush on his or her teacher. Enjoy!

Гдо выпуска: 2010

Продолжительность: 32мин

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