Coffee Tea or Me/Кофе,чай или меня (1984) DVDRip

 Coffee Tea or Me/Кофе,чай или меня (1984) DVDRip
Страна США
Студия Cal Vista Classics
Stars:Jamie Gillis,Juliet Anderson,Jon Martin,Billy Dee,Paul Thomas,Janey Robbins,Tara Aire,Ashley Welles,Lynx Canon,Erica Boyer,Hershel Savage,Don Fernando

Описание: Getting it up is a moving experience!These flights take you places you've never been before! The sexual exploits of those hot and sexy stewardesses and the pilots will have you wishing you were in the airline industry. But wait… they're not the only ones who are taking advantage of the friendly skies… the passengers are in on the act too! Get your ticket, get on board and strap yourself in for the most incredible sexual trip you've ever been on!!
Отцифровка самого высокого качества.Видео с моей коллекции.

Гдо выпуска: 1984

Продолжительность: 81мин

Качество: DVDRip


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