Barbara the Barbarian / Барбара - дочь варваров (1987) DVDRip

 Barbara the Barbarian / Барбара - дочь варваров (1987) DVDRip
Страна: США
Студия: Excalibur Films
Актеры: Barbara Dare, Nikki Knights, Nina DePonca, Nina Hartley, Erica Boyer, Jeanna Fine, Dina DeVille, Nikki Knights, Randy West, Herschel Savage, Scott Irish, Peter North, Billy Dee, Herschel Savage.

Barbara the Barbarian Description: "Leggy, luscious lust bunny Barbara Dare plays the title character in this white-hot spoof of the sword and sorcery genre. She proves her barbarian credentials early on, besting Nina Hartley in a sweaty wrestling match and banishing her from the cave. Barbara really gets her reward when she gets down and dirty with Nina's three male slaves! Such sensual side matters are not what Barbara's ultimately after, however. She yearns to free her sister from the clutches of the evil knight who dwells behind the castle walls. The nefarious one wants to marry her sister against her will, but Barbara is captured before she can put her plan into motion. When the evil one brings her before him, she recognizes him as an old lover and challenges him to a sexual death combat. In the torrid tussle that follows, Barbara literally sexes her erotic adversary to an early grave! The whole thing is pretty silly, but the sultry young women and skimpy fur outfits provide plenty to feast your eyes on. Barbara turns in the performance of her carnal career, laying bare her every debauched desire as she loses herself in the decadent dark ages. Great fun for fans of the genre or anyone into flying fur and freaky frolicking!"

Описание от sokol001: Давным-давно в одном забытом богом и чертом месте жила Барбара - дочь варваров.Не щадя тела своего тренировала она магию секса,что бы быть сильнейшей в этом деле.И вот тогда когда она отточила свое умение до совершенства, мир призвал ее для борьбы со злом.
Не пропустите только у меня на раздаче супер-пупер мега ретро фентази блокбастер "Барбара - дочь варваров"
Нажми на кнопку "Скачать торрент"и через некоторое время методом магии Барбара окажется в твоем мониторе.

Гдо выпуска: 1987

Продолжительность: 79мин

Качество: DVDRip


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