Exzesse In der Sch

 Exzesse In der Sch
Страна: Германия-Франция
Студия: Ribu-Film
Режиссер: Michel Jean
В ролях: Richard Lemieuvre, Alban Ceray , Olinka Hardiman, Eva Kleber, Patricia Pasquale,Christine Schwarz

Описание: Alban Ceray and Richard Lemieuvre have expanded their activities from Wild Playgirls and now run a ‘health farm’ for women in a large mansion, where they keep a pet parrot called Mitterand. Eva Kleber visits a travel agent (Jacques Gateau) and books a holiday there, not quite realising what is provided.
After witnessing the other clients getting what they paid for – their fantasies fulfilled - she avails herself of the services too. Finally word gets out and Jacques Gateau is besieged by women wanting to book a place. One of these is Emmanuelle Par

Гдо выпуска: 1980

Продолжительность: 78мин

Качество: DVDRip


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  • Скачали: 622
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