Touch Me In The Morning / Трахни меня утром (1981) DVDRip

 Touch Me In The Morning / Трахни меня утром  (1981) DVDRip
Страна: США
Студия: Caballero Video
Режиссер: Louis Lewis
В ролях: Veronica Hart, Lysa Thatcher, Becky Savage, Michael Morrison, Nicole Black, Sharon Mitchell, Lisa DeLeeuw
Описание: Описание: Touch Me in the Morning' uses a familiar structure held together by a simple storyline with fine performers in equally fine performances. Paul Thomas plays his usual placid self, while Veronica Hart positively shines in her myriad of encounters.
Also Thomas' fantasy where he joins an Lisa De Leeuw to the chord's of Ravel's 'Bolero' is remarkably memorable. As is Veronica Hart's faultless acting throughout the entire film, adding both credibility and maturity to the somewhat familiar proceedings.

Добротное кино. Красивая, качественная съемка. Отличный подбор актеров.

Гдо выпуска: 1981

Продолжительность: 77мин

Качество: DVDRip


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