Roxanna / Роксана (1970) DVDRip

 Roxanna / Роксана (1970) DVDRip
Страна: США
Режиссер: Nick Phillips
Актеры: Uschi Digart, Misty Mundae, Dariane Caine

Описание: The film centers on a young girl whose lust for pleasure knows no bounds, but it is obvious that she is becoming unglued from reality. The opening features the main actress staring off into nothingness, using stylistic half shots of her face, cut by the extremes of the frame against a stark white background. Her story begins to unfold in a series of vignettes of her sexual encounters, the first of which is with the above mentioned Digard, decked in long, black leather gloves. What is interesting about this film is that it contains absolutely no dialogue from the actors, only a fragmented narration, which tells the story to a trippy period soundtrack, parts of which are reminiscent of Ummagumma-era Pink Floyd.

Гдо выпуска: 1970

Продолжительность: 35мин

Качество: DVDRip


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