Young, Wild & Wonderful (2009) DVDRip

 Young, Wild & Wonderful	 (2009) DVDRip
Young, Wild & Wonderful
Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Feature (Straight, Classic)
Duration: 01:44 Director: Jim Clark
Studio: VCXV Starring: Arcadia Lake, Merle Michaels, Kandi Barbour, Hillary Summers, Eric EdwardsOpisanie: A classic presentation indeed. As the bus empties the students for their field trip to the Museum of Natural History, little does the tour guide suspect that the students are there for more than just another tour. First, during the lecture films, the coeds drift into dreams of the most erotic fantasies one can imagine. After the films, they release the emotion of their fantasies in the most erotic and uncommon ways. One slips off to the curator's office for a little acquisition. Another finds the anthropologist to see what bones can be identified. Even the head teacher isn't immune. As the bus departs, everyone admits it was quite an education

Гдо выпуска: 2009

Продолжительность: 66мин

Качество: DVDRip


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