Joy (Sex Crazy) / Успех (Harvey Mansfield / Video-X-Pix)Jack Teague, Melinda Marlowe, Richard Bola, Sharon Mitchell[1977 г., Feature, DVDRip] (1977) DVDRip

 Joy (Sex Crazy) / Успех (Harvey Mansfield / Video-X-Pix)Jack Teague, Melinda Marlowe, Richard Bola, Sharon Mitchell[1977 г., Feature, DVDRip] (1977) DVDRip
Joy / Успех
Это - один из первых фильмов Sharon Mitchell, который способствовал ее успешной карьере.

Год производства: 1977
Страна: USA
Жанр: Feature (Straight, Couples)
Продолжительность: 01:12:59
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Harvey Mansfield
Студия: Video-X-Pix
В ролях: Jack Teague, Melinda Marlowe, Richard Bola, Sharon Mitchell
Описание: This is one of the first Sharon Mitchell films. She demonstrated a special talent in this film that sent her on a successful career. It is about a young high school girl that is pressured by her boyfriend to have her first sexual experience. She refuses him, and he decides to break up with her. Then while at home alone, gets raped in the apartment which she resides, and immediately loves the whole sexual experience. In the end, even telling the rapist, "I want more!!!". She then goes to her old boyfriend apartment where she finds him in the shower. She gets undressed and hops into the shower with him. She then performs oral sex on him and he, needless to say, enjoys the experience. But after he is finished, she still "wants more". The rest of the movie is filled with her quest for more sex with several partners, at many different locations, including a subway train, a hospital bed, and even a men's room in a bus depot. She becomes very popular and well documented, even on a TV news program. Other women take up the same type of aggressive action of attacking men. Three girls accost a lone man in an elevator. A burglar breaks into an apartment to perform oral sex on a man, while his wife who has refused his advances earlier, sleeps in their bed. This is just a great light hearted movie that is very enjoyable viewing, filled with casual happy sex, and showing that women can be aggressive when they want to be.

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Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Marco, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 2. Jay Pierce, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 3. Sharon Mitchell, R. Bolla
* Scene 4. Crystal Sync, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 5. Frank Kenwood, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 6. Melinda Marlowe, Philip Marlowe
* Scene 7. Clea Carson, Hershel Savage, Ursula Brooke, Veri Knotty
* Scene 8. Bobby Astyr, Gloria Leonard
* Scene 9. Jesse Wilson, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 10. Jack Teague, Sharon Mitchell
* Scene 11. David Ruby, Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, Roger Caine, Terry Austin

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Гдо выпуска: 1977

Продолжительность: 73мин

Качество: DVDRip


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