Misbehavin' / Misbehavin'(Chuck Vincent,Video-X-Pix)[1978,Classic, DVDRip] (1978) DVDRip

 Misbehavin' / Misbehavin'(Chuck Vincent,Video-X-Pix)[1978,Classic, DVDRip] (1978) DVDRip
Misbehavin' / Misbehavin'

Год выпуска: 1972
Жанр: Classic

Release Date: 1978
Продолжительность: 84 мин.

Киностудия: Video-X-Pix
Режиссер:Chuck Vincent

В ролях: Eric Edwards, Molly Malone, Jack Wrangler, Kurt Mann, Gloria Leonard, Rikki O'Neal, Leslie Bovee, David Morris, Sonny Landham, Arcadia, Georgette Saunders, Patricia Dale, Adam DeHaven, Anna Freed, Marc Valentine, Burgundy Grand, Erica Eaton, Margo DuMont, Ajito, Dick Gallan, Eric Stanhope, Wayne Smith, Tom Clint McGuire, See Star Bios...

Описание :
Hustler gives Misbehavin' its highest rating, and says that it is "a dynamo of sexual energy and wit in which all parts mesh like a well oiled machine."
The story opens with an angel and the devil playing poker for human souls. The stakes escalate as they wager as to whether wealthy divorcee, Rita (Lesllie Bovee), will marry for love or money. Gloria Leonard, as the marriage broker supplies Rita with a stream of studs and beaus. The action builds steamily and hilariously to a climax, the like of which you will never forget.

Доп. информация : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0898606/

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Гдо выпуска: 1978

Продолжительность: 84мин

Качество: DVDRip


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