Gabriella Fox Sexy Hot (2008) DVD

Жанр: DVD
 Gabriella Fox Sexy Hot  (2008) DVD
Feature, Vignettes, Straight

Gabriella Fox, Jandi Lin, Shawna Lenee, Carmella Santiago, Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, Johnny Sins, Celeste (III)

Digital Playground's Gabriella Fox Sexy Hot does live up to its name - it is very hot. And, I really liked the variety of girls in this title. You've got Jandi Lin, the sexy little Asian starlet whose petite body is tattooed and tight. Then there's Shawna Lenee, the playful blonde with perky tits and a girl-next-door smile. Carmella Santiago will have you mesmerized by her dark features and natural beauty. And new contract star Gabriella Fox is just all-around amazing to look at.

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Гдо выпуска: 2008

Продолжительность: 116мин

Качество: DVD


  • Сиды: 76 
  • Пиры: 15 
  • Общий размер: 4.37 Gb
  • Скачали: 145
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