Teradise Island 2 / Остров с Терой 2 (2008) DVD

Жанр: DVD
 Teradise Island 2 / Остров с Терой 2 (2008) DVD
The long awaited sequel to the AVN #1 Best Seller "Teradise Island"... Starring the #1 Pornstar in the world, Tera Patrick. Fantasy becomes reality...
In this sequel, tera patrick, arguably the most gorgeous starlet in adult film, is marrooned in a lush tropical paradise. Teradise island, is the land of forbidden sex, and unbridled passion. Tera patrick, nikki benz, lucy lee, alexis amore, and britney skye, all taste the fruits of lust at the hands of tommy gunn, kris knight, spyder jonez, and each other, in this nonstop action feeding frenzy of anal debauchery. Gorgoues landscapes, watefalls, and breathtaking ocean views with crashing waves and magnificent sunsets create the perfect backdrop for this all vingette series which will prove to be an instant classic. Never before has there been a more beautiful exporation into the forbidden passage.

Дополнительно: Меню с выбором сцен

Сэмпл 13.98 Мб: http://ifolder.ru/10843660

Гдо выпуска: 2008

Продолжительность: 94мин

Качество: DVD


  • Сиды: 19 
  • Пиры: 16 
  • Общий размер: 4.24 Gb
  • Скачали: 203
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