Sativa Rose / ‛Jack Of All Mismatches“ (2009) DVDRip

Жанр: DVD
 Sativa Rose /  ‛Jack Of All Mismatches“ (2009) DVDRip
If you thought our past postings were entertaining, wait till you see this week’s episode. We're taking it to a different extreme with this one. Meet our dude, Jack Mehoff, the master of disaster, literally! And the lovely Sativa Rose, spicy vixen, is up for the challenge of a blind date. We hooked them up to see how far Jack can go with Sativa. The date is filled with a unique trip to a beach, buggy riding through south beach, and an exquisite dinner where Jack shows off his gentle side. Or not. With his wits and charm, can he sweep Sativa off her feet and score? Find out. Check this one out!!!!!

Гдо выпуска: 2009

Продолжительность: 53мин

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