Corps d'Elite

Жанр: Гей порно
 Corps d'Elite
Жанр: extreme anal sex, toys, rape, fisting, uniforms, threesomes
Режиссер: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Студия: French Art
В ролях: Giani Ascoli, Eric Vespucci, Leopold Mathias, Gilles Barthelemy, David Bauman, Alexandre Parrys, Friedrich Saxe, Xavier Laurent, Nicolas Taieb

Описание: Is it better to dream your life or live your dream?
Eric is a dreamer. He dreams of thugs in leather jackets with their cocks out, giving him a hard time. Eric likes muscles in action - they get him horny until he shoots in his hand.
What about doing it instead of dreaming it? He lets himself go and his fantasy becomes Corps d'elite! He gets stopped and is kept under surveillance. He's carefully searched by the perverts of the regiment. Where's the line between reality and fiction? Past, fantasy, dreams and humour - all mixed up!
It's up to you to see clearly into Eric Vespucci's life!

Гдо выпуска: 1993

Продолжительность: 77мин

Качество: CamRip


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