Garcons d'etage: La Suite

Жанр: Гей порно
 Garcons d'etage: La Suite
Жанр: anal sex, interracial, costumes, threesomes, public sex, twinks, toys
Режиссер: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Студия: French Art / Videovision
В ролях: Gilles Fournier, Ghislain de Brantome, Benjamin Burgit, Jean-Luc Barcy, Anton Jourdan, Lorenzo Venturi, Guilhem Thomas, Guillaume Montroy, Fernando Leone, Anthony Baileys

Описание: During his stays in international five-star hotels, Cadinot has observed the clientele: business men out for a good time, the rich on their pleasure trips, A-list celebrities - as precious as they are short-lived - served by their staff and bell-boys ready to join usefulness with pleasantness.
Beyond appearances Cadinot - with his ironic and lucid outlook - infiltrates the royal suites, wanders the luxurious corridors and shows us the real side of these fauns on heat.
The young maintenance guy, the two well-built decorators, the athletic bodyguard, the photographer and the TV reporters willing to do anything for a scoop and even the bell boys enjoy sexual pleasures ... even in the public gardens!

Гдо выпуска: 1995

Продолжительность: 77мин

Качество: DVDRip


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