Indian Pornstar - Sahara Knite

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Indian Pornstar - Sahara Knite
When The British Empire ruled the world, they slowly planted seeds for all kinds of superhot, internationally mixed mega sluts to one day take over the The Porno Empire. Enter Sahara Knite, the wondrous half Indian, half English man-eater who hums balls for breakfast, laps poontang for lunch, and gets a solid vaginal stuffing for dinner with a good heaping second course of anal fillings. Sahara is such a cum junky that she’s just not herself without a daily dose of man milk. Good thing her smutty career has been keeping her busy with loads on a regular basis. Even though Sahara has years of experience in the industry, her body is still as fit and toned as ever. Sahara wasn’t one of those teen sluts who rushes into the business without experience. She grew and matured into an absolutely stunning woman with exotic features, budding breasts, great hips and thighs, and a wondrous ass. By age 30, it was time to put this perfect package to work, and Sahara got right into the mix of swinging dicks and drooling vajayjays. Her flexible, athletic build makes her perfect for being flipped around and penetrated from all kinds of crazy angles. Her crotch welcomes two throbbing Johnsons in both her pussy and ass like they were a tag team of ball extractors. Sahara also loves to get a bit kinky and nasty, often getting bound, gagged, and humiliated, and she always emerges thrilled by the experience.

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