Обкончал убойную подружку

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Обкончал убойную подружку
Den and Josephine have been lovers for some time, and they're time together has always been full of tenderness and pleasure... and today is no different. All Josephine has to do is lay down with that "come hither" look and Den is hooked. He doesn't need any convincing, and lucky for him, nether does she. After a good amount of touching and kissing, Josephine does what she loves... put his cock in her mouth and make him feel as good as possible before he puts it inside of her... and put it inside her he does. After a bit of attention paid to her sweet, wet pussy, she lays down on her side to receive her man inside her. It feels so good for both of them, they don't even bother changing positions... until they do, at which point... well, we won't spoil it for you. Come on in and see for yourself.

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