Jenna Haze - Lord of Asses 10

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Jenna Haze - Lord of Asses 10
We open with this lovely young lady who has been scorching hot since her return to doing boys last year and this year has only seen Jenna's flame burning brighter and brighter as each successful scene was released, well here's another to stroke your fire! The scene features some very nice footage of Jenna's bod inside and outside-- she looks smashing in each location no surprise there and yes there is tons of booty footage, enough to work one out if you're in the need to. Jenna is also great with the eye contact which says so much without a spoken word being heard. Tom then gets Jenna alone in the bedroom-- ok we all want that, hehe, and the two chat a bit before it's time to get busy. Jenna has a great confident demeanor about her as she chats it up with Lord Byron-- he better destroy her ass she says, lol. First, though, we get the dick appretiation that only Jenna Haze can do, awesome pov head and the dirty talk is off the charts here. The fucking is brilliant too, good clear picture and good thing too as the cowgirl which starts it out, wow you know beautiful is just that beautiful and that word so aptly describes Jenna's ass here!! There is some equally scorching anal in mish, reverse-- terrific insertion shot from up close as he fills that pooper. Jenna ends the scene taking a good load to her mouth, blowing a few cum bubbles and we're off and running.

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