Maci May - Rectum Just In Time

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Maci May - Rectum Just In Time
Maci was savoring a hot shower until she realized that her and her boyfriend had dinner at her moms in less than an hour! Time to get shit moving. She jumps out to see her bf not ready at all! She scolds him slightly, but hes got all the answers. If they just fuck (and skip the shower) he will be ready to go in a jiffy. Maci doesnt see how that makes any sense, but is a lil horny so goes with it. He goes to rub her pussy, but its turning out to be unpleasantly sore. Good thing her glorious asshole is happy and ready to be penetrated. After a rough anal pounding and a lumpy load of cum inserted anally, Maci squeezes it out onto her bfs dick, licks it off, and what do you know? They finish with 10 minutes to spare! Too bad traffic is going to delay them at least 30 mins... Next time get that dick out of your ass and plan a bit further ahead Miss Maci!

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