Abbie Cat - Анальные Фанатки 4

Жанр: Разное
Abbie Cat - Анальные Фанатки 4
The opening scene takes us along a nice looking location as Abbie strolls down the sidewalk enjoying a cigarette while cars pass her by and you have a body of water on the other side. We are out in the open but this is Europe so Abbie can be a bit more risque with what she does so close to actual non porn people, lol. The jet black dress goes perfectly with her matching hair color and Abbie has a seat here spreading her legs and pulling the boobies out, hell yeah gotta love Europe! The underneath shots of her ass were pretty hot too. The music stops and we have made it inside where Mick gets in front of the camera doing some great ass licking. No early bj action for Abbie but her backdoor is opened up right away when Mick slips in doggiestyle. The duo also hit spoon anal before Mick goes back to taste her pussy and Abbie then gets her first taste of his cock. Anal then in reverse and cowgirl before it is back to doggie and finally Mick drops a nice load on her waiting tongue with clean up from Abbie. A solid start here.

Продолжительность: 00:30:37

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