Apolonia Lapiedra - Forget Your BF and Fuck Me for Money

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Apolonia Lapiedra - Forget Your BF and Fuck Me for Money
Today I saw a stunning Spanish teen trying to skateboard in the park, but her huge boyfriend was with her! She was so beautiful, I had to try anyway, and approached them both. I told them I was from a TV show and we were looking for models, and I would like to do a casting with Apolonia. The big guy agreed to let me take her nearby and take some photos, and I managed to get him to wait outside while I went into the stairwell with the gorgeous spinner. She didn't speak English, but she understood about exchanging money for blowjobs. Those big dark cat eyes of hers and those pouty lips--what an amazing face! She looked up at me innocently as she was sucking my dick, then she rode me in the stairwell and took a mouthful of my cum! It was dripping off her chin and tiny titties just when her boyfriend came to check on us...

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