Jai James - Strip club dancer gets naughty

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Jai James - Strip club dancer gets naughty
Jai got caught in the rain but lucky for her I was passing through the area. When she got in my cab I noticed how dolled up she was, which I thought was odd for an afternoon. Turns out the dirty girl was a stripper on her lunch break from the club! Of course, since she only gets paid at the end of her shift, she had no money, but offered to pay me in other ways. When she started twerking for me in the backseat I knew I was in for a treat. I found us a secluded location, and holy hell, she wasn't kidding when she said she was a party girl! Jai deepthroated my cock like a demon! I fucked her unbelievable tits, then bent her over and pounded her tight pussy to orgasm. By the time I came all over her arse her lunch break was certainly over. Oh well, back to the club with you!

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