Особые Моменты

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Особые Моменты
Gia wakes up alone in bed and finds a note on her pillow from her lover. Touched, she goes off in search of her boyfriend. She finds him working but makes it clear that he won't be getting work done anytime soon. Lady D is playing the submissive role. She joins her lover on the bed when he beckons her closer. Staying passive, she lets him bind her wrists behind her back knowing that he will take good care of her pleasure. After a lovely evening Alex invites Logan inside for some extracurricular activities. he eagerly accepts by pulling up Alex's miniskirt and palming her thong-covered ass. Their deep kisses are just a preview of things to come. Cayla is wearing a seductive teddy and sheer thong. Her writhing movements accentuate a lusty striptease. When Nick finally can't take watching a moment longer, Cayla invites him onto the bed for a good time. Gina can't wait for her lover to come home and she decides to work on her horniness alone. Slipping one hand beneath her shorts, she rubs her bare pussy. That's how Matt finds her, and Gina welcomes him to her pussy party.

Гдо выпуска: 2017

Продолжительность: 01:45:55

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