Miss Pinay - Thai masseuse works her magic

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Miss Pinay - Thai masseuse works her magic
"Can you take me to the butt street?" That's what Thai stunner Miss Pinay asked me when I inquired where she wanted to go. Almost took me for a loop, never heard Bute Street pronounced that way! Turns out she was a masseuse, which I thought was brilliant. Been getting sore, driving this taxi around all day. I offered her a trade, a free ride for a massage, and she gleefully accepted. I found us a secluded area and got my clothes off, lying down in the backseat. Let me tell you, this woman had magic hands! She was getting a bit cheeky, not that I was complaining, but when she said that if I gave her nice sex she would love me long time I wasn't about to say no. I fucked her from head to toe, big tits to round arse, and the pussy was so good that I dropped a massive load right on her face. Nothing like taking care of the body, is there?

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