Marc Dorcel - Клэр сексолог

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Marc Dorcel - Клэр сексолог
My name is Claire, I’m 32 and I am a Sexologist. Each day I see dozens of patients who tell me every single detail of their sex lives. Mine is nonexistent… almost. Since I broke up with Anna, my life is a mess. My meeting with Valentina, a lawyer with a split personality opened my eyes. In my job, I like to dominate others. But at night, I like to be submissive with the men I meet. I disguise myself so as not to be recognized and put on my sexiest lingerie to go and fuck strangers in hotel rooms, at empty car parks or in night clubs. I love the feeling of their dick deep inside me, I love to be their bitch. Jessie, a nymphomaniac porn actress took me to places and showed me pleasures I would have never dreamed of. For the first time, I gave myself to three men at the same time, and I loved every second of it. Thanks to these new experiences my whole personal life is about to change, for the better.

Гдо выпуска: 2016

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