Daisy Stone - Katia Enjoys Spring Break 17’ With The Bus

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Daisy Stone - Katia Enjoys Spring Break 17’ With The Bus
We are once again on the hunt for some fresh girls on spring break, this time we almost got lucky and got two. Well only the blonde chick by the name of Katia decided to come with us. She was really cool and down for the fun from the start. Needless to say the cash was a big help on that. Her friend didn’t want to let her come with us but Katia decided to leave behind in promise of money and a great time. After more cash offerings we get her to show off her great body and wonderful ass. I mean her ass is super nice, big and natural. Tony was in love and start touching her as they kissed and that just let on to her going down on his cock. She gave a great sucking and deep-throat action before they fuck, We see her big ass bounce from multiple positions until she gets a load on her face. Watch this innocent girl get dropped off, even though i keep thinking i should of kept her big ass and left tony hahaha.

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