Clea Gaultier - Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded

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Clea Gaultier - Celebration Oral Sex Reloaded
Sexy Clea Gaultier eats fruit in a titillating manner before embracing Juan Lucho, as Alis Locanta’s sizzling erotic movie “Celebration: Oral Sex Reloaded” begins. The French fox and her Spanish stud kiss voraciously, Juan’s hands squeezing Clea’s firm ass in her booty-hugging skirt, then tugging down her bra to suck her stiff nipples. He licks up and down the slit of her pussy, making her moan as his tongue hits the spot and presses between her sensitive folds. Clea bends over and spreads her cheeks so Juan can eat her from behind. She kisses her juice from his lips, then releases his huge, stiff cock from his pants and trails her tongue up and down the impressive length. She lavishes her attention on it, lapping at his balls, stroking and sucking it deep, stretching her lips around it as saliva dribbles down the shaft. He wants to taste her again, and she spreads her thighs wide and lets him treat her to some more frenzied tonguing, her wet pussy blossoming open as he licks. They flip into a sixty-nine so Chloe can suck Juan’s thick cock again as he eats her, deepthroating it down to the balls. They drive each other closer to orgasm with their mouths and tongues, and when they can hold out no longer, Clea gets to climax while riding Juan’s face, and then Juan gets to cum in Clea’s mouth. She lets his hot load trickle down her chin, looking up at him adoringly. They may be orally fixated, but these horny lovers still fuck through the closing credits…

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