Henessy - A Love Story 2 - A Story About Us

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Henessy - A Love Story 2 - A Story About Us
Gorgeous Henessy A and her man Alberto Blanco drink a toast to their love, then celebrate in a more carnal manner, as Alis Locanta’s passionate “A Love Story 2” begins. Alberto bares Henessy’s beautiful breasts, lifts her onto the table, yanks her black panties aside, and starts eating her pussy. He sucks and licks her clit, and slides a finger inside her succulent slit, driving her wild. Henessy lies on her front on the table, and unleashes Alberto’s stiff cock, jerking it, sucking hard on the glans, and bobbing her head up and down the thick shaft. She licks Alberto’s balls and deepthroats as much of his huge dick as she can take, gagging on it in her eagerness, then lies back so he can thrust it inside her tight pussy. The horny sweetheart shoots her lover a look that begs him to go faster, harder and deeper, so he slams into her vigorously. She pushes him back into a chair and mounts him in cowgirl, bucking frantically on his cock, her perfect breasts bouncing. After an intense orgasm, Henessy dismounts and sucks Alberto’s dick even deeper, jacking him rapidly so he shoots his load all over her pretty face.

Гдо выпуска: 2017

Продолжительность: 00:22:06

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